The House of Tudors lived from 22nd August 1485 to 24th March 1603

The Tudor family is arguably one of the most iconic Royal families to have graced the throne of England. 

From the dramatic ascension of Henry VII, following the War of the Roses, through to the trials and tribulations of his son Henry VIII; some of the greatest stories of England’s History took place during this time.

The world was not a stable place during the fifteenth-century, wars were still frequently fought between countries over personal sleights, the Roman Catholic Church held a monopoly of power over much of what we now know as a Europe and disease was still common throughout. Child expectancy was low, which meant that maintaining the family line was a continuous challenge for the Tudors – especially when there was a whole country that was constantly threatening to boil over with dissent at any point.

It was a dramatic period of History, with numerous schemes, colourful characters and major events shaping the fate of a family that was anything but ordinary.